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I posted a bunch of stills from Katie’s film The Kennedy’s to the gallery … along with a beautiful promo pic!

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on October 5th, 2011
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A few days ago Katie did an appearance on Ellen. I personally always love her interviews. Here are two clips from the show!

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on April 6th, 2011
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New York Post

‘The Kennedys” has given ReelzChannel a landslide victory.

The controversial $25 million miniseries starring Greg Kinnear as JFK and Katie Holmes as Jackie averaged 1.9 million viewers Sunday night on Reelz, according to Nielsen.

Those are huge numbers for Reelz, a regional cable network that screens movies 24/7 — and usually averages only around 3 million viewers a week.

“They actually accomplished their goal, which was to put them on the map and create appointment viewing,” says industry analyst Brad Adgate of Horizon Media.

The network, which is owned by Minnesota-based Hubbard Broadcasting, reportedly coughed up $7 million for “The Kennedys” after it was dropped by History — reportedly under pressure from members of the Kennedy family including Caroline Kennedy and JFK niece Maria Shriver.

Reelz spent another $10 million to advertise the eight-part miniseries, and even launched on Time Warner Cable (Ch. 131) just last month in a bid to lure New York viewers to “The Kennedys.”

“They needed to rise above the clutter and get people to watch — and they used a very sharp plan and strategy,” Adgate says.

New episodes of “The Kennedys” air tonight through Friday at 8 p.m. — with the two-hour finale airing Sunday night.

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Here is our first real look at the Kennedy’s.

The Kennedys | Movie Trailer | Review

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on February 3rd, 2011
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USA Today
By Ann Oldenburg

The controversial miniseries nixed by the History Channel will air after all.

ReelzChannel has announced that The Kennedys, starring Katie Holmes and Greg Kinnear, will make its world premiere on the network beginning April 3.

As the channel notes: “Viewers will see every twist and turn of this family’s extraordinary story up to and including the assassinations of JFK and RFK.”

The channel’s CEO, Stan E. Hubbard, said in a statement, “We believe in the business we are committed to – movies, the celebrities making them and how and why they influence our cultural universe. If that means defending the right for well-told and important stories to be seen – then so be it – we can do that.”

He added, “We’re not beholden to anyone – we are here for the viewers and we are here for the movie and artistic community as well. As an independent, we have the freedom few networks enjoy.”

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on February 2nd, 2011
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The controversial miniseries is yet to find a home but producers reportedly are shopping it to a company which has no direct competition with History channel.

Producers are still trying hard to get “The Kennedys” to the eyes of public and the latest network they visited was Tribune Broadcasting. The controversial miniseries which was axed by History channel before its pilot even aired, would possibly take an unconventional route with the syndication deal.

“Kennedys”, starring Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes, is an 8-hour project which History claimed unfit for its channel. But rumor has it, the network received political pressure from the Kennedy family although producers said they have consulted historians and made some adjustments to meet both’s ends.

A rep for Tribune has confirmed to Deadline that the company has been in talks for the mini but declined further comment. This decision to land it on a syndication is triggered by the fact that History still has a say on who gets the project. History may not want it to land on a rival network although some cables are also eying to pick the mini up.

“I’m not sure if History wants another (basic) cable net to air it so they might take less money to have it in syndication,” a source said. The project reportedly cost a lavish $25-million in production.

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on February 1st, 2011
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