Well Hello There!…….

I’m Katie, Katie Holmes – UN-awarded blogger and journalist. Actually that’s a lie I’ve won several awards but I literally cringe when I read writers claiming to be award winning, with the award having been awarded by a nobody.


Originally from Southampton in England, I grew up just outside New York (US). We moved here as a family when I was only 5.

I’m currently 42 (last time I checked) minus a few digits of course, married to Tom and proud mother (most of the time) to 5 year old Lilly.

I work as a freelance journalist, covering humorous, heart felt and useful content based on a wide variety of topics.

I write how I see things in life and have managed to make a decent living doing just that for a number of years.

I love to travel and have visited a total of 106 different destinations outside of the US. I also love to eat, especially in New York, there’s just something special about the variety and standard of food there.

Within This Blog, you will find various topics and themes. I wanted to share my experiences, messages and things I believe I can provide good advice on all in one place.

If you have any suggestions, advice or just want to say HELLO! that would be brilliant, I have a snazzy contact form, which sends messages direct to my email (clever stuff) which when makes the “Bing” sound, brings joy and happiness to my day.

Thanks for stopping by, you gals and guys are just greaaaatttttt…….



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