Is Your Child Really Safe In An Online Chat Room?

As a parent who knows the nature of internet, what would prefer your child to use: online chat rooms or online message boards?

The two are different. Even though online chat rooms are ideal, nice and simple to use, it’s vital to remember that not all of them are safe.

This is the main reason why several parents often instead opt for message boards. But again the big question comes: is it also really a safer option?

If we take MocoSpace Chat Rooms as an example they  normally have live communication that appear on the screen, and conversations go on at that very moment.

On the other hand, message boards involve communications which may go on for days, even weeks.


More detailed and themed discussions occur on online message boards when compared to chat rooms, like homework, music, pets, and sports among others.

The major reason why parents opt for online message boards is because conversations aren’t live. The conversations are delayed and this gives many a parent peace of mind.

Online message boards are also monitored by trusted adult, sometimes paid to do so, as opposed to online chat rooms.

It implies all offensive posts are deleted in a relatively short period of time, and several times the moderator bans that user from coming back.

Therefore when it comes to online chat rooms vs online message board, for the safety of the child, many parents prefer the latter.

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