Does Your Landscape Work? Here’s How To Fix It….

For a beginner, it can be a very challenging task to come up with the satisfying landscape for your home or property. Consider the following landscape design tips to help you design the next yard, which have been very kindly provided by Fencing Companies Oxfordshire on behalf of Katie Holmes.

Tip 1: Study and understand the wind and sun pattern.

One of the most common mistakes that most beginners make is ignoring the sun and the wind patterns at different times of the day. You should study different parts of your garden and understand the amount and length of exposure to sun and shade at those parts. This will help you know what to place and plant at a particular place.


Tip 2: Focus on pacing and scale.

It’s the trickiest principle for beginners. Scale and pacing give your home a decent and pulled-together look. Ensure there is a variation in shape, size, and color with paths that direct people to through the space as well as tall plants in the back of the flower bed. To avoid being monotonous, though, try adding an occasional element to stand out from the rest of the landscape.

Tip 3: Consider the focal points.

A focal point is a structure that “makes you look.” Most people use such structures as trees and statues. For them to stand out, they should be connected to the rest of the landscape, either through shape or color. An ancient oak would work excellently.


Wrapping It Up

Finally, you need a five-figured budget to come up with a fantastic landscape. You should select your plants with a purpose and fit them thoughtfully into your landscape. This will offer you years of enjoyment.

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